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Water Electrolyzer

Water Electrolyzer

Water Testing Devices

100 LPH Water Test Electrolyzer, For Household

Product Description

Easy to operate and quick, obvious to get result. Provides a simple way to test water quality provide us with the simple and cheap way to test water quality.

Used to test the water purity level,the client can see the condition of drinking warter. High precision

Uasge method :

Water quality electrolyzer provides us with a simple and cheap way to test water

quality . For the examination of water quality ,you need take two cups(100~150ml,transparent,

one cup holds well or tap water, the other cup holds purified water) and emissions on the table.Then put two ends of the tool inyo two cups ,press the button ON ,the test begins.Usually, the test time is 30 seconds.

Product Specifications

Automation TypeManual
PhaseSingle Phase

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