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Product Description

We, at G1 Aqua, specialize in crafting machines that transform salty sea water into clean drinking water, playing a vital role in providing access to water for people. The salty water from the sea undergoes thorough cleaning before it is packaged into bottles. Our commitment involves using the finest materials in the construction of these machines, adhering to safety and quality standards.

Our machines are designed to meet international standards, ensuring reliability and efficiency. Additionally, we offer customization options to tailor machines according to the specific needs of each customer.

As a leading seawater desalination plant manufacturer, G1 Aqua takes pride in maintaining production processes that comply with global standards for safety and quality. With extensive experience and knowledge in water desalination, we have been involved in numerous projects to assist various industries in obtaining clean water.

Seawater constitutes a significant portion of the Earth's water, and most of the world's water is found in the sea. At G1 Aqua, we employ diverse methods to clean seawater, aiming to support projects that use our machines to provide clean water solutions for people.

Product Specifications

Pressure GaugesGlycerine Filled Gauges
Control PanelMicroprocessor Based

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