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Water Treatment Chemicals

Manganese Dioxide - MnO2

Manganese dioxide (MnO2) is commonly used in water treatment for several purposes due to its unique properties. Manganese dioxide plays a versatile role in water treatment, addressing multiple contaminants and enhancing overall treatment effectiveness.

  • Iron and Manganese Removal : Oxidizes and removes dissolved iron and manganese, improving water quality.

  • Catalytic Oxidation : Catalyzes the conversion of contaminants like hydrogen sulfide and organics to less harmful forms.

  • Adsorption : Can help in removing certain organic compounds and heavy metals from water.

  • pH Adjustment : Assists in pH adjustment, especially in acidic water conditions.

  • Filtration Media : Used as a coating on filter media (greensand) for effective pressure filtration.

  • Catalytic Disinfection : Supports microbial inactivation in catalytic disinfection processes.

  • Arsenic Removal : Can be utilized to adsorb and remove arsenic from water sources.

  • Pre-Treatment for Ion Exchange : Removes oxidizable contaminants before ion exchange processes.