G1 Aqua

Water Treatment Chemicals


Anthracite is used in water treatment for filtration, removing particles, turbidity, and organics. It aids in dual media, gravity, and pressure filtration, and can replace activated carbon. It's effective for pre-treating membrane systems and removing manganese/iron. Also helps stabilize pH.

  • Filtration Media : Anthracite serves as an effective filtration media in various water treatment processes.

  • Particle Removal : It helps remove suspended particles, sediment, and turbidity from water.

  • Dual Media : Used in dual media filtration with sand for enhanced filtration efficiency.

  • Pressure Filtration : Employed in pressure filtration systems to treat water under pressure.

  • Organic Removal : Adsorbs certain organic compounds, reducing taste and odor issues.

  • Pre-Treatment : Can be used as pre-treatment for membrane filtration, preventing membrane fouling.

  • Manganese and Iron : Aids in removing manganese and iron from water through adsorption and oxidation.

  • pH Stabilization : Contributes to stabilizing and adjusting the pH of treated water.