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Water Treatment Chemicals

Activated Carbon Powder

Activated carbon powder is widely employed in water treatment due to its exceptional adsorption properties. Here's a concise overview of its role:

  • Adsorption : Exceptional ability to attract and capture various contaminants in water.

  • Organic Removal : Eliminates pollutants, chemicals, pesticides, and odor compounds.

  • Chlorine Elimination : Removes residual chlorine, improving taste and safety.

  • Micropollutants : Targets pharmaceuticals, endocrine disruptors, and volatile compounds.

  • Color and Turbidity : Reduces water color and turbidity by adsorbing particles.

  • Heavy Metal Capture : Adsorbs heavy metals like lead, mercury, and cadmium.

  • Groundwater Cleanup : Used to treat groundwater, addressing volatile compounds.

  • Point-of-Use Filters : Applied in household filters for clean drinking water.

  • Industrial Processes : Used in industries for process water and wastewater treatment.

  • Customized Options : Available in various grades for specific contaminants and needs.