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Water Treatment Chemicals

Activated Alumnia Balls

Activated alumina balls are widely used in water treatment processes due to their high surface area, porosity, and adsorption properties. Here are some key uses of activated alumina balls in water treatment

  • Fluoride Removal : Adsorbs excessive fluoride ions, reducing their presence in drinking water.

  • Arsenic Removal : Efficiently captures arsenic contaminants, enhancing water safety.

  • Desiccant : Absorbs moisture, ensuring dry conditions in water treatment processes.

  • Air and Gas Purification : Removes impurities like moisture and volatile compounds from air and gases.

  • Catalyst Support : Enhances chemical reactions by providing a surface for catalysts.

  • Oil-Water Separation : Adsorbs oil molecules, aiding in wastewater treatment.

  • Dechlorination : Eliminates residual chlorine and chloramines from water.

  • Sulfur Removal : Adsorbs sulfur compounds and hydrogen sulfide, improving water quality.

  • pH Adjustment : Helps in balancing water pH by adsorbing acidic or basic components.

  • Trace Metal Removal : Captures heavy metals, such as copper and lead, reducing their levels in water.